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How to purchase prints

Step 3 (below) - Filling your shopping cart

1. This area shows you what size and texture of prints you have selected.  Click CHANGE PRODUCT to select from many different print surfaces and sizes.

2. Clicking a photo will add it to your cart.  Note: refer to step one if you want to change the size of your prints.

3.  You can choose the quantity of each photograph you want printed.

4. A running total will appear here.

5.  Once finished selecting the photos you want printed click ADD PHOTOS TO CART.

Step 4

Now that you have added items to your cart you can choose to

-purchase the photos by clicking CHECKOUT

-or go back to the galleries. 

Step 5 -  The Checkout

Here you can review the items in your cart.  Click CHECKOUT to begin the payment and delivery process.

Thanks for shopping!